Coming in Q2 2023

The next generation
SaaS starter template
for Next.js is coming

Save time and focus on your business with this scalable and production-ready starter template. It includes authentication, multi-tenancy, i18n, billing, a landing page and much more!

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Everything you need to build your SaaS

supastarter provides you with all the basic features you need to build a SaaS, so you can focus on your core business.

Authencation in supastarter

Modern, production-ready stack

We built on top of the latest technologies to give you a solid foundation for your SaaS. We offer starter templates for Next.js and Nuxt.


Start from zero and scale to millions utilizing the power of serverles


With the latest technologies you can offer top-notch performance to your customers

Authencation in supastarter


Every SaaS needs an authentication system. We have implemented a robust and scalable solution based on Auth.js and Prisma. It supports multiple providers, email verification, password reset and much more.

Password reset flow

Give your users the ability to reset a forgotten password.

Magic link

Magic link signin is already built in.

Social signin

Works with all OAuth providers

Account settings

User can manage their accounts

Authencation in supastarter

Multi-tenancy architecture

With multi-tenancy, you can serve multiple customers from a single instance of your application. With this you can either enable a white-label solution or the ability to let your users create teams / organizations and share data between them.

White-label solution

Offer the same app to multiple tenants

Shared data

Let users work together on the same data

Billing in supastarter


supastarter comes with multiple available billing solutions. You can choose between Stripe or Lemonsqueezy.


Bill your customers monthly/yearly.


You can also bill them based on their usage.



To be ready to go global, supastarter comes with i18n support out of the box. You can easily add new languages and switch between them.

Language detection

Automatically detect the language of the customer


Set up different currencies for each country


Fully customizable

We have built all components with Tailwind CSS and Zag.js to make it easy for you to customize the look and feel of your application to match your brand.

Style components

From colors to border radius you have the full power over how your app looks


By utilizing a headless UI library, you have a11y built right in

The tools you love

We have carefully chosen a stack of tools that is scalable, but also flexible, so you can customize it to your needs.


Looking for a Vue.js version?
Check out supastarter for Nuxt.

Built on Next 13 (/app directory), supastarter has a great developer experience and top-notch performance.

Database & Backend

supastarter uses Prisma, so it is compatible with all major databases like are MySQL, Postgres, MariaDB, MongoDB and also works great with the following providers:



MongoDB Atlas



Auth.js handles the authentication for you. It is a great choice for authentication, as it is compatible with all major oauth providers like Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and more.

UI & Styling

supastarter comes with a set of components built with Tailwind CSS and Zag.js. You can also use your own component library if you like.

Tailwind CSS

For styling we use Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework that provides a set of components to easily add UI to your app.


To enable great accessibility out-of-the-box, we use Zag.js, a library that provides a set of headless components that can be fully customized.

Payments & Billing

supastarter comes with different payment options to choose from:




You can be deploy supastarter to any hosting provider. Though you will have the best DX when using one of the following:



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